Difficult Fluids

Difficult fluids stretch the capabilities of conventional design practices and present a variety of characteristics that make fluid production far more challenging than would ordinarily be anticipated.

A metallic fluid

As oil and gas developments progress into deeper water and increasingly complex reservoir environments, operators and asset owners are presented with issues such as combined gas hydrates and solidified oil or gels that form on shutdown, or asphaltene precipitation with produced water leading to stable emulsions and production loss. Changes in fluid characteristics can often result in production loss and downtime or, in more serious cases, present a risk to the entire economics of the development.

We have world-class experience in the design and management of difficult fluids and work to understand where, within the production profile and the operating envelope, your fluids will exhibit these challenging behaviours, helping you to understand how to reduce the risks to your project.

By combining detailed thermodynamic, flow assurance and process modelling, we enable our clients to understand the consequences of multiple and combined fluid challenges, and consequently identify and investigate a range of potential solutions for mitigation and incorporation into the wider project design.