Enhanced Oil Recovery

Genesis supports many operators by developing optimised enhanced oil recovery (EOR) facility designs that maximise oil production from declining assets.

A metal structure

Our facility designs for various EOR technologies include:

  • Thermal EOR: Steam soak / cyclic
  • Gas miscible/ immiscible EOR: CO2, N2, flue gas
  • Chemical and other EOR: Polymer flooding
  • Water alternating Gas Injection: WAG, SWAG.

Systems we have designed and optimised are currently in operation in many locations.

We also develop facility designs for Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) technologies including:

  • Water flood
  • Gas injection

We carry out a full range of EOR and IOR reviews and designs including high level screening studies and detailed facilities designs.

Flow assurance has been carried out on numerous EOR systems. Polymer flooding adds complexity due to the shear-dependent nature of the polymers, however we have demonstrated our ability to model the viscosity effects on the polymer injection and its effect on emulsion viscosities of the well fluids.