Gas Monetisation

Pipeline export is not always an economic option for bringing gas to market and alternative methods of transporting stranded gas must be evaluated.

Genesis performs Gas Monetisation studies for a range of clients around the world, for both onshore and offshore fields, considering conversion to LNG/fLNG, power generation, gas to liquids, methanol production, and transportation as hydrates or compressed natural gas. Many of these studies consider whether associated gas should be re-injected, or a number of different methods and locations for entering a pipeline infrastructure which could be used.

We understand the processes and technologies involved for each of the different monetisation options and the parameters that would make each alternative economic, for example;

  • The size of reserves
  • Composition and degree of pre-treatment required
  • Reservoir pressure
  • Location
  • Proximity to market.

We can rapidly evaluate each option, developing the capex, opex, schedule, economics and risk quantification for each of the potential transportation and conversion options to recommend the best solution.