High Pressure, High Temperature

High-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) requirements can impact all aspects of production operations and design. Genesis has the expertise and experience to meet these requirements.

HPHT developments are typically defined as having a reservoir pressure > 690 bara and temperature >150oC. We offer a systems approach looking at facilities, pipelines, overpressure protection and operational and production issues, for example:

  • Topsides process design implications
  • Development of overpressure protection philosophies
  • Flare capacity studies
  • Advanced finite element analysis (FEA) of the HPHT pipeline system over a hazardous seabed
  • Materials selection for subsea and surface components
  • Thermo mechanical design of flowlines, jumpers, PLETs and wellbay
  • Impact on choke valve specification and failure analysis including dynamic simulation to quantify transient flow

We have the experience to undertake and manage SIL assessments and have progressed both subsea and topsides HIPPS systems through to testing and commissioning.

Genesis stays current with equipment and material capabilities, and regulatory requirements to ensure we successfully address our clients future needs.