Marginal Fields and Minimum Facilities

Genesis supports many operators in bringing reserves to market. Those that exhibit marginal economics and/or a low reserves base are particularly challenging. Developing these fields maximises the value of an asset portfolio.

A graphic image of pipes

Fields with marginal economics and low reserves require novel solutions which remove the barriers to development. We use our broad experience in field development and in-depth technical knowledge to match suitable concepts to the demands of the field. Typical concepts include:

  • Wellhead Towers and Minimal Facility Platforms
  • Subsea developments
  • Normally Unattended Installation (NUI) and Minimum manned facilities
  • Self-installing structures
  • Leased Floating Facilities and Compact FPSO
  • Long distant tiebacks to shore
  • Technology led developments (e.g. subsea processing and boosting)

We provide a thorough technical understanding of novel concepts which ensures the concept is compatible with the field at an early stage of the project process. We work with clients to:

  • Set Functionality
  • Develop Solutions
  • Confirm Feasibility
  • Perform Operability and Safety Assessments
  • Provide Cost and Risk Estimates
  • Recommend Solutions