New Technology

New technology is a fundamental feature of the hydrocarbon industry. Genesis leads though our own new technologies and our understanding of emerging technologies across the industry.

Technical graphic

The industry is developing more complex and challenging fields and new technologies can provide the critical difference between a commercial and non-commercial development.

New technologies must be identified early in the project cycle to maximise benefits and manage the inherent risks. We remain fully abreast of all new technologies so that we can identify those relevant to each Create stage study. Our range of skills allows us to support clients through the assessment, qualification and integration of new technologies into their developments.

In addition, we develop in-house technologies for use in our projects. These cover a wide range of applications, including engineering analysis and design tools, such as our state-of-the-art field development planning tool, ADEPT, through to our unique range of pipeline inspection tools. Our engineers are ready to identify and develop technology at all levels for the benefit of our clients.