Subsea Processing

Genesis offers experienced personnel, state-of-the-art tools and proven expertise to ensure the success of subsea processing and boosting projects.

Our extensive capabilities and experience allow us to guide and support subsea processing and boosting developments through the entire project lifecycle. We can take any project from initial concept generation through all phases of engineering and every stage of project execution, as well as on-going operations support and eventual abandonment activities. This includes any and all levels of project management services that the project may require.

Our range of abilities covers the primary expertise related to subsea processing and boosting projects as well as associated research, development and technology transfer;

  • System Configuration
  • Pump Selection
  • System Engineering – Integration with the subsea production system and subsea control system.

Subsea electrical power is a particularly strong technical skill set and we provide the all-inclusive, end-to-end analysis and design required to ensure a complete and comprehensive power delivery system to meet subsea processing and boosting demands. This includes reactive power, transient voltage, VFD topology and associated complex grounding issues.