Genesis understands the unique issues of unconventional oil and gas developments and has developed tools to allow robust concept selection for these projects.

Oil drills

Unconventional reserves comprise oil and gas trapped in low permeability rocks and include:

  • Coal Seam Gas, or Coal Bed Methane
  • Tight Gas or Oil
  • Shale Gas or Oil

We have experience across these types of projects and understand the unique aspects associated with each type of unconventional reserves. However, some of the key aspects are common:

  • Low flow per well / large number of wells
  • Production profile is driven by drilling schedule and sequence
  • Low flowing pressures
  • Large uncertainty in well performance

Range of Probabilistic Value Outcomes for Different Facility Oil Capacities

Unconventials bar chart

In addition to our Concept Selection methodologies, specific areas of expertise directly applicable to these types of project include:

  • Risk based production planning tools for unconventionals including drilling and sub-surface uncertainties
  • Probabilistic assessment of production uncertainty to select optimum size of facilities and export systems
  • Standardisation and modularisation of facilities to minimise field work and allow relocation of facilities
  • Selection of best gathering system concept including assessment of hydraulics, compression and pipeline construction methods
  • Concept level CAPEX estimating for unconventional facilities
  • Assessment of water/brine treatment, disposal and recycling options.