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“It’s only pots and pans… what’s the issue?”

Genesis’ London office continues the series of DULCET seminars.

The seminar is part of the DULCET (Deeper Understanding London Consultancy Engineering and Technology) seminar series on ‘Competency in the midst of Complexity’ . Yesterday’s interesting talk was by an engineer seconded into a small Operator developing a fast track project in a new development block.   “It’s only pots and pans… what’s the issue?” is a term regularly bandied about in the industry to describe engineering for an upstream project. But is it true?  In this example, minimal engineering studies were conducted and were constrained by pre-conceived commercial biases. The fundamental objective of the design was to facilitate construction to meet the aggressive first gas date and engineering took second place to the interfaces and other commercial and social issues.  Despite this, flexibility and a lean engineering capability is key to adapting to today’s project requirements. The discussion expanded to understand how Consultant / Contractor relationship forms with an Operator.  Specifically how performance on a piece of work leads to repeat business – recent performance is remembered!