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Still innovating after 30 years - A global celebration

We work with our clients to help transform project economics and deliver global energy.

This year, Genesis is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a new Vision for the future aimed at reinforcing its position as a global leader. Genesis was formed in 1988 and has an unrivalled track record of bringing high-impact solutions to its clients with the aim of maximising value for their projects.

Genesis is making a ground-breaking move into the digital era and has digital programs at proof-of-concept stage. Genesis Managing Director commented: "Our employees are engaged with our transformation as they are interested in changing the way we do business".

Events will be taking place worldwide to mark the company's 30 years in the business. We have created an art installation where our employees' messages saying what the company means to them are displayed in the form of our logo. This has been brought to life in a video - click here.