Field Development Planning

Genesis is a world leader in Field Development Planning and has worked on more frontier developments – immature regions, difficult fluids, deep water, mega-projects, and remote locations – than any other consultant, engineering firm or operator.

Genesis employees in meeting

Field development planning studies provide the necessary information and advice for:

  • establishing whether or not a project is economic
  • short-listing development project options by screening
  • selecting an optimal development concept for a project.

Genesis provides decision support at each of these stages using a proven approach and a structured framework to ensure the correct decision is made. This eliminates poor decisions, which could otherwise come from poor framing, from not adhering to a clear and structured process and from not evaluating all of the options on an equitable basis.

These early phases of a project are where most value is created or lost. Poor decisions here cannot be recovered in the project execution. The Genesis process, used on all early phase studies, ensures:

  • all the potential contributors to the value of the project are considered and, where possible, quantified – not only capex but also opex, schedule, availability, recovery, flexibility, safety, environmental and project risk and uncertainty – to ensure an equitable basis for concept selection;
  • there is an audit trail for the decision process, with a robust basis and clear reasons for the elimination of alternatives;
  • the choices and concepts that provide the maximum project value are identified and the results are assured;
  • threats to the success of the development and potential sources of reduction in the economic value of the project are identified and assessed.