Brownfield Modifications

Successful execution of brownfield modification projects is inherently complex due to the integration challenges with existing facilities and systems.

Oil platforms at sea

Remote locations and challenging environmental conditions mean that any modification to an existing facility requires meticulous investigation and planning. Our extensive experience of working on brownfield modification projects, through the entire project lifecycle from concept to implementation, has taught us that there is no substitute for early and focussed engineering work to drive cost and schedule certainty in subsequent phases. Our multi-disciplinary engineering teams are therefore formed to meet the needs of your project and develop technical definition at the appropriate level of detail. Brownfield modification focus areas include:

  • Confirming existing facility as built data and specifications, through site survey and operations engagement
  • Confirming capacity / ullage of existing systems (process, electrical, instruments, safety, structural, mechanical)
  • Detailed constructability reviews to establish physical and logistical constraints and drive design towards build simplicity
  • Identify and minimise requirement for partial / full production shutdowns through design
  • Establish asset late life issues which may place additional constraints and / or scope on the project (i.e. turndown, integrity, regulatory change)

The experience of our engineering team is also supplemented with the latest technologies to aid in solving the complex integration problems that can arise.

  • 3D Modelling (PDMS) and incorporation of 3D cloudpoint survey data
  • Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Dynamic process simulation
  • Functional Safety and Reliability Analysis