Late Field Life Operation/Extension

As maturing oil and gas field facilities approach or exceed their original design life, late field life management is critical to their continued safe and profitable operation.

Oil platform at sea

Managing late field life requires a clear understanding of the condition of existing systems and how that condition is changing over time. Drawing on expertise from our own engineers and specialist subsidiary consultants across the globe, we assist asset owners and new entrants to understand this and develop solutions to maximise the potential of their facilities.

Our key service areas relating to Late Field Life Operations / Extension are:

  • Facilities life extension studies
  • End of field life strategy and asset redevelopment
  • Production efficiency improvement and reliability / availability analysis
  • Bespoke fitness for service assessments
  • “Right sizing” existing infrastructure for future, lower, throughput
  • Obsolescence management
  • Safety critical elements / performance standards review
  • Asset audits, reviews: performance improvement, environmental, integrity management, technical safety.