Decision Analysis and Quality

An integral part of the Genesis approach is the support we give to our clients throughout the project value chain, to enable quality decisions and unlock maximum return on capital invested.

Decision Analysis and Quality diagram

We use a number of structured techniques to bring clarity of action to all types of project decision making, and successfully apply these processes to a wide variety of projects, from full scale field development planning through to subsea architecture, design options evaluation and processing technology selections.

Our approach emphasises deterministic and probabilistic analysis, key insights and interpretation of the problem at hand, and communication to enable full stakeholder engagement.

Our bespoke Framing and Options Identification process can be applied throughout the project life cycle. At each stage the frame is focussed to guarantee robust and comprehensive scope identification and bounding for the project phase in question.

Risk and Uncertainty Management is a key element of any project phase. Genesis has a number of different methods to support risk identification, assessment and management, from probabilistic analysis through to ongoing risk mitigation support.

Option and Concept Selection is a collaborative, workshop-based approach, with an emphasis on risk-based decision quality and a focus on key project success factors and drivers.

Our Value Engineering processes ensure optimal design for early phase through to advanced stage projects, using a systematic approach to identifying high value focus areas.

FAST methods are applied to support critical path planning and stakeholder management and engagement for project implementation interfaces, and can be tailored to suit any specific project needs.