The Creation Process

Starting a project the right way is the key element to success. Our Create Process is focused on creating value, and is founded on Front End Thinking (quality) not just Front End Loading (quantity).

Genesis staff in meeting

We have refined our Create Process over 26 years, to ensure a unique and rigorous approach to field development planning and conceptual project evaluation, which is summarised as follows:

  • Framing to ensure that focus is maintained on the key value drivers; we need to make sure the frame is "just right" – neither too broad nor too narrow
  • Setting the decision hierarchy, to provide clarity on the key questions / decisions for study during the project phase under consideration
  • Identification of decision building blocks and the range of options associated with each
  • Application of heuristics to screen out unfeasible or unattractive options
  • Strategies and business drivers are used to combine options into plausible and consistent development concepts
  • The concepts identified are evaluated deterministically; we use our proprietary tool ADEPT, supplemented by technical study work, to provide the phase appropriate definition
  • Business risks and uncertainties are combined with deterministic outcomes to provide a probabilistic view and support our clients in their decision making