4D Construction Simulation

4D Simulation is a tool that combines the 3D model with the project schedule during Create, Realise and Enhance phases. This allows stakeholders to visualise the construction phase in a virtual environment to realise opportunities to enhance construction sequencing.


4D Simulation (3D + Time) is a process that links 3D objects from the PDMS model with construction schedule activities providing an integrated visualisation of scope, time frame and location of the activity at the same time in a virtual environment, removing the need to refer to the 2D drawings and other documents (planning Gantt chart).

4D Simulation reduces the time required to review and challenge the schedule by providing a dynamic visualisation of any spatial or sequence constraints in the construction schedule, thus enhancing communication and coordination between all disciplines to reduce missing activities.

4D Simulation can be applied to all types of projects such as:

  • Offshore: Platform and Jacket fabrication methodologies,
  • Onshore: Greenfield process plants, including civils.
  • Brownfield onshore & offshore modifications including destruct and construction phases.

4D simulation benefits include:

  • Execution risk reduction
  • Optimised construction schedules  
  • Construction cost reduction
  • Visualisations for stakeholder engagement