CPF Probabilistic Modelling Sizing Tool

Many of our clients have unique issues that require custom-made analysis to understand and support a decision.

Aerial shot of field

To provide that analysis we develop specific tools, such as our custom-made model to determine the optimum capacity for a central processing facility for an unconventional field development.

The CPF capacity model was developed to incorporate subsurface and drilling probabilistic outcomes with key business decisions, including rig count and cost information to output project value measures that drive decision making.

The tool was developed to be open and transparent so that future modification to, and interrogation of, the model can easily be performed. As a result the model can be rapidly customised to provide additional value in the following ways:

  • Scaled from individual well pads to field wide terminals and beyond.
  • Enhanced to include logistic and other business constraints.
  • Expanded to include gas, water, electrical power capacity modelling.