Dynamic Simulation

Genesis offers an exclusive blend of knowledge to deliver bespoke, rigorous solutions that provide clear and feasible design and operational recommendations.

Dynamic Simulation chart
  • Design validation for complete process and control schemes (such as the Nitrogen Recovery Unit shown above)
  • Compressor control and surge protection (See clip of surge protection results below)
  • Troubleshooting suboptimal operation
  • Overpressure protection (HIPPS)
  • Liquid surge overpressure
  • Flare header capacity validation
  • Sizing and operation of slugcatchers & subsea production systems
  • Validating operational /start-up procedures
  • Operator Training
  • or a combination of the above. 

Compressor Run-Down Trajectory with Anti-Surge Recycle Valve Only


Compressor Run-Down Trajectory with Anti-Surge Recycle Valve and Cold Gas By-Pass


The suite of tools we use to address your challenges include:

  1. Process simulators such as HYSYS and Unisim.
  2. Pipeline simulators such as OLGA, PipeSim, LedaFlow and Maximus
  3. Integration of the process and pipeline simulators, e.g. OLGA-HYSYS link
  4. Water hammer simulators such as Pipenet.

Genesis develops tools in-house when standard commercial tools are not adequate. The in-house tools include:

  1. Compressors control emulators
  2. Depressuring/blowdown extension
  3. Non-dimensional compressor extension.

With a strong background in other specialist modelling techniques such as dynamic simulation of multiphase pipeline flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and rigorous modelling of emergency depressuring/blowdown and supported by a network of discipline engineering experts.