Flow Assurance and Operability

Our well-established global flow assurance group has performed flow assurance analysis on a variety of development concepts, involving different fluid types in a variety of geographical regions.

Visual representation of oil pipe on seabed

Our Flow Assurance solutions enable constructible, installable and operable designs that minimise risks while maximising reservoir recovery. Our project involvement includes:

  • Complex Gathering Networks
  • Shallow Water Offshore Systems
  • Ultra Deepwater Offshore Systems (>6,000 ft or 2,000 m)
  • Arctic Production Systems
  • Unconventional Systems (Heavy Oil, Shale, XHPHT)

Our people work within multi-discipline project teams to actively support asset development and maintenance throughout its life cycle.

Asset Life Cycle Engagement

Flow assurance diagram

Key flow assurance activities we support are:

  • Steady State and Transient Multiphase modelling of single pipelines/networks
  • Detailed Well Modelling (Start-up, Shutdown, Well stability)
  • Liquid Management in a Multi-phase Pipeline Network (Slugging, Slug-catcher Sizing, Pigging)
  • Modelling of Pipeline Thermal Behaviour (Insulation, Active Heating)
  • Thermal Testing and Validation
  • Solids Management ( Wax, Asphaltene, Hydrates, Sand)
  • Corrosion/Erosion Analysis
  • Compositional Tracking Analysis (Commissioning Fluids, Chemical tracking, Gas Cap Modelling)
  • Single Component Modelling (CO2)
  • Overpressure Protection Studies – Line pack , Water Hammer
  • Pre-Commissioning Commissioning studies (Pipeline Comm, Well Offloading)

Our team is also experienced in providing Operations Readiness and Assurance support, which includes activities such as:

  • Operations Engineering Support (Operations and Maintenance Philosophies and Strategies)
  • Operability Reviews
  • Operations Readiness (Operating Procedures, O&M manuals, Training, Ready for Start Up [RFSU] Planning)
  • Life-cycle Production Operations Support (Including Initial Well Unloading, Benchmarking, Optimisation, Debottlenecking, Audits)