Integrated Production System Modelling

Genesis has extensive experience in Integrated Production System Modelling (also referred to as Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM)) covering the use of commercial software and the development of bespoke models.

Oil platform at sea

IPSM considers the production of hydrocarbons from the reservoir through the surface facilities, in a single integrated model that includes:

  • the reservoir
  • wells
  • subsea flowlines and risers
  • processing facilities
  • export pipelines.

It acts as a focal point to reconcile a diverse set of engineering discipline inputs and to assess the impact of a particular decision on the project value.

In close collaboration with our clients, we devise optimal development solutions using IPSM to evaluate the impact of different reservoir outcomes and subsurface development decisions in combination with surface facilities options.

Attaining a certain level of system modelling sophistication can be crucial to accurate performance prediction and, therefore, to the economic evaluation and selection of development options. We have developed detailed modelling techniques to achieve accurate predictions while maintaining reasonable runtimes and model stability when simulating large-scale complex systems.

Proficient in the use of commercial IPSM software, such as the Petroleum Experts (Petex) suite (MBAL-Prosper-GAP, etc.), we can refine models substantially by capitalising on our considerable flow assurance and surface facilities expertise to improve modelling rigour.

Historical focus for IPSM has often been subsurface, with the surface facilities modelled with insufficient fidelity. We have experience of building bespoke IPM models from first principles. Our knowledge and skills can be applied to interrogate commercial software output, and enhance systems modelling where deemed valuable, to improve integrity and modelling efficacy. Common examples include:

  • Interfacing with rigorous compressor models
  • Results from mechanistic three phase hydraulics flowline / tubing simulations using Pipesim / Olga (c.f. empirical correlations often used in commercial IPSM software).