Integrity Data Management and GIS

Management of integrity data is a critical component to supporting asset integrity management.

The data associated with an asset is accumulated throughout the asset lifecycle, from concept selection through operations. Genesis provides a comprehensive range of Integrity Data Management and Geographic Information System (GIS) services, from routing and analysis to implementation and management of comprehensive asset databases

Asset & Life-Cycle Information Management

PODS (Pipelin Open Data Standard) Logo

  • Integrity Data Management for:
    • Pipeline Systems (GIS / PODS)
    • Facilities (Navisworks / ISO 15926)
  • Database Design, Implementation and Management
  • Industry Standard Data Models or Client Specific Data Models
  • View and access data through database or graphic interface (GIS or Navisworks)
  • Project and Operations Support
  • Vendor Documentation and Data Book Quality Assurance and Management
  • Vendor Interface

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Acquire, examine, analyze and manage geospatial data (Public Domain or Client Provided)
  • Perform routing and analysis (e.g. bathymetry, slope, side-slope, least cost path)
  • Population and management of routing history and ancillary data utilized in routing studies
  • Support engineering, construction, installation, survey and inspection – analysis and data management

Virtual Reality Modeling

  • Inspection & Maintenance Planning
  • Asset Visualization
  • Capability to link model to Asset / Life-cycle database