Technical Training

Oil and gas development and production presents unique and evolving challenges. Genesis offers comprehensive training services, to address past, present and future issues and facilitate your in-house knowledge development.

Employees making notes at table

We have developed a comprehensive suite of training programmes that can be tailored to suit our clients' needs, arming them with the tools and knowledge that we have accumulated for more than 26 years.

Our face-to-face training programmes were originally created for Genesis in-house training purposes, meaning that you and your employees will be exposed to the real topics, issues and challenges we experience in our day-to-day work.

The content and delivery of each course is tailored to the unique subject matter and experience of the participants, and covers a range of methods from interactive tutorials and technical workshops through to guided site visits with suppliers and construction yards.

We have more than one hundred courses and workshops that cover a full range of upstream activities including:

  • Production chemistry and fluid characterisation
  • Field development planning and concept definition
  • Flow assurance
  • Design, installation and manufacturing of subsea systems, including structures, controls, rigid and flexible pipelines, risers and umbilicals
  • Fixed and floating substructure design and installation
  • Process engineering design
  • Process technical safety
  • Business risk assessment and asset integrity management